UCT Student housing 2024-2025

By | March 10, 2023

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

UCT Student housing 2024-2025

The University of Cape Town (UCT) provides various housing choices for both undergraduate and postgraduate students, both on and off-campus. Typically, students commence their residency in fully catered first-tier housing, progress to senior catered or self-catered second-tier housing, and ultimately transition to semi-autonomous self-catered third-tier accommodation.


  • Although each property has its own unique history and customs, they all strive to leave a lasting impression on guests. Since UCT places a high value on safety, all flats have strict access controls and the majority are monitored by closed-circuit television cameras.

Students with impairments

University of Cape Town (UCT) First-tier accommodation

  • First-year undergraduate students, who are typically under the age of 21, are accommodated in first-tier residences that feature dining halls where students can have up to three meals per day. Many first-tier residences offer double rooms.
  • These residences have communal facilities like self-service laundries and common rooms for watching television, holding meetings, and socializing. Many also have recreational amenities such as pool tables and games, and some even have swimming pools.

University of Cape Town (UCT) Second-tier accommodation

  • Senior undergraduate and postgraduate students have the option to stay in second-tier residences, which provide up to three meals a day in a dining hall. These residences typically consist of 2- to 4-bedroom flats, with single occupancy rooms. The resident governance systems facilitate a smooth transition to independent senior student living, while still providing communal spaces for socializing.
  • These residences feature common rooms where residents can watch TV, have meetings, and socialize, as well as self-operated laundries. There are also amenities such as pianos, pool tables, and table tennis available, and some residences even have access to swimming pools.

University of Cape Town (UCT) Third-tier accommodation

  • Third-tier residences are designated for senior postgraduate students and are monitored by wardens who ensure academic and social well-being. These residences include flats, houses, and purpose-built residences such as Obz Square, and have a strong communal life overseen by the Residence Association to counteract geographical fragmentation.
  • Most third-tier residences are within walking distance of upper campus or Jammie Shuttle stops, and are conveniently located close to stores and public transportation. However, minimal furniture is provided. Residents have access to UCT athletic facilities and swimming pools, and some units also have self-operating laundries.

University of Cape Town (UCT) Accommodation for students with spouses and dependents

The JP Duminy home is available for students who have spouses and dependents, including their own children. The home is situated on Main Road in Mowbray and consists of 42 flats that are conveniently located near upper campus, the Jammie Shuttle, and local shopping stores.

General Housing Information Handbook

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