Chris Brown in Trouble Again

By | October 27, 2023
Chris Brown in Trouble Again
Chris Brown in Trouble Again

Chris Brown is facing a lawsuit from a man who alleges that the singer assaulted him at a nightclub in London, resulting in injuries that required hospitalization.

As per the complaint reported by TMZ, Abraham Diaw has asserted that Brown struck him on the head with a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila at the well-known venue, Tape London, back in February of this year. Brown was in the U.K. as part of his Under the Influence tour at that time.

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Reportedly, the complainant stated that he received what was characterized as “crashing blows” to his head, resulting in him losing consciousness. Diaw claims that even after he passed out, Brown continued to kick him while he was lying on the ground.

According to the legal documents, Diaw stated that he had to be hospitalized due to his injuries, which included torn ligaments in his leg and lacerations to his head. Beyond the physical harm, which Diaw has suggested might be lasting, he has experienced emotional distress and trauma. As a result, he is pursuing legal action seeking compensation.

Brown, aged 34, has been a divisive figure in the eyes of fans and critics over the years, primarily due to numerous allegations of violence against him. This includes a well-publicized altercation with his then-girlfriend Rihanna, aged 35, in 2009.

In the aftermath of the incident, Brown was denied a visa to enter the U.K. in 2010. However, that ban was lifted in 2020.

The music producer, Diaw, claims in his lawsuit against Brown that he has known the singer for seven years and initially approached him, thinking Brown was going to greet him. Diaw asserts that there is surveillance footage of the alleged assault, which he says is in the possession of the police.

In an interview with The Sun, published in April, Diaw recounted the purported assault, describing the incident with the following words:

“He hit me over the head two or three times.

“My knee collapsed as well. He’s making out it was one of his entourage but it was him. I’ve spoken to the police and they hope to resolve the matter soon.

“It’s now in the hands of my solicitor and I can’t comment further.”

According to the Daily Mail, representatives for Brown indicated that he had intended to visit a police station after completing his U.K. tour dates.

The newspaper released a statement from London’s Metropolitan Police, which stated:

“Two men were due to attend a police station for a voluntary interview on March 29 but did not attend. Enquiries are ongoing to locate them.”

Brown remains a polarizing figure, even years after his 2009 assault on his former girlfriend Rihanna, who is currently in a relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky, aged 35.

Following Brown’s altercation with Rihanna in February 2009, a disturbing photo showing her with severe bruising sparked public outrage and led to criminal charges against Brown. He later pleaded guilty to assault and completed his probation in March 2015.

Reflecting on the incident during an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, Rihanna commented, “It was a weird, confusing space to be in because, as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed, I just felt like, he made that mistake because he needed help and who’s gonna help him? Nobody’s gonna say he needs help. Everybody’s gonna say he’s a monster.”

In June 2017, Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, aged 35, obtained a five-year restraining order against him, citing accusations of his aggressive behavior towards her and demanding the return of money and jewelry he had given her during their relationship.

Brown was arrested in January 2019 after a woman accused him of rape at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris. However, he was subsequently released without any charges filed against him. Brown vehemently denied the allegations, posting on Instagram, “This B**** Lyin.”

In 2018, a woman identified in court documents as “Cassandra” was granted a restraining order against Brown after accusing him of physical assault and stalking.

In January 2022, a woman launched a $20 million lawsuit against Brown, claiming that he had drugged and raped her on Sean “Diddy” Combs’ yacht in Miami, Florida, in December 2020. However, her legal representation dropped the unnamed woman in March 2022 after the discovery of text messages between her and Brown that complicated the case, as reported by Rolling Stone.

Responding to the allegations made against him, when the text messages were revealed, Brown shared Radar Online’s report on his Instagram Stories and wrote: “No more dragging me through the mud. Me and my team are taking legal action on this situation. You don’t play with people’s lives like that.”

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Chris Brown in Trouble Again

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