Billionaires – The Richest in 2023

By | October 27, 2023
Billionaires - The Richest in 2023
Billionaires – The Richest in 2023

Roughly half of all billionaires have seen a decline in their wealth compared to a year ago.

This decrease in wealth can be attributed to various factors, such as declining stock values, challenges faced by prominent startups, and the increase in interest rates. Globally, there are now 2,640 individuals holding fortunes exceeding ten figures, down from the 2,668 recorded last year. Collectively, the world’s billionaires currently possess a total wealth of $12.2 trillion, which marks a reduction of $500 billion from the $12.7 trillion recorded in March 2022.

Notably, a significant portion of the list, including individuals like Elon Musk, has witnessed a decline in their wealth over the past year. Musk, who had held the top position, now ranks second, largely due to the impact of his substantial Twitter acquisition on Tesla’s stock performance. This change allows Bernard Arnault, the leader of the luxury goods conglomerate LVMH, to claim the title of the world’s richest person. This marks the first time a French citizen has occupied the top spot in this ranking.

The United States continues to have the highest number of billionaires, with 735 individuals on the list, boasting a combined wealth of $4.5 trillion. China, which includes Hong Kong and Macau, follows closely with 562 billionaires holding a total wealth of $2 trillion. India ranks third with 169 billionaires, whose combined wealth amounts to $675 billion.

The net worth calculations are based on stock prices and exchange rates as of March 10, 2023. For real-time updates on the net worth of all 2,640 billionaires, you can refer to our continuously updated billionaire rankings.

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The Richest People In The World

The 2023 List: Facts and FiguresRank       Name                            Net Worth    Age    Country      Source              Industry

1            Bernard Arnault & family       $211 B         74     France         LVMH               Fashion & Retail
2           Elon Musk                                  $180 B        51      USA                Tesla, SpaceX     Automotive
3           Jeff Bezos                                   $114 B         59      USA                    Amazon             Technology
4           Larry Ellison                              $107 B        78      USA                       Oracle                Technology
5           Warren Buffett                          $106 B        92      USA         Berkshire Hathaway    Finance & Investments
6           Bill Gates                                    $104 B        67      USA              Microsoft                 Technology
7         Michael Bloomberg                    $94.5 B       81      USA          Bloomberg LP           Media & Entertainment
8  Carlos Slim Helu & family               $93 B          83    Mexico          Telecom                       Telecom
9       Mukesh Ambani                           $83.4 B       65      India            Diversified                 Diversified
10    Steve Ballmer                                 $80.7 B      67       USA              Microsoft                 Technology

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Billionaires – The Richest in 2023

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