ad library facebook 2023-2024

By | March 13, 2023

ad library facebook 2023-2024

ad library facebook 2023-2024

ad library facebook 2023-2024

For marketers, the Facebook Ad Library is a treasure trove. The tool, which gives all of Facebook’s users access to information about any ad that is running on the platform, was created in the name of transparency. Furthermore, since its send off, it has permitted the public authority, columnists, scientists, and regular individuals the sound brain of understanding what data is being spread through media. However, it is also an advertising insight and knowledge tool.

Making a Facebook promotion can be a troublesome errand. But with the Facebook Ad Library, any marketer can learn from the best marketers’ previous successful campaigns. Learn how to use the Ad Library to boost your own Facebook ads in this article.

What is the Facebook Ad Library?

  • We’ll explain exactly what the Ad Library is and how it came to be before getting into how to use it to benefit your brand.
  • In direct response to the 2016 Facebook political ad controversy, Facebook launched its Ad Library in 2019. Facebook made the decision to make all users, even those without Facebook accounts, able to access data on all currently running ads on its platforms in an effort to increase transparency. The library contains all ads that are currently running on Facebook and Instagram, as well as inactive political and issue ads (up to seven years ago).
  • People who are interested in politics will find the tool to be extremely helpful because it enables them to see who is funding what, how much they have spent, and their reach across various demographics. However, the Ad Library is a tool for marketers that allows you to view all of your rivals’ advertisements in one location. This is critical because digital marketing can be competitive. As a result, you run the risk of falling behind if you don’t pay attention to what your rivals are doing.
  • The best way to learn from and influence your rivals’ ads is to use the Facebook Ad Library. It assists you with ensuring you’re dependably on top of your promoting game! Additionally, it’s a good way to get templates for Facebook ads.

How do I use the Facebook Ad Library?

The Ad Library is easy to use. Facebook has made every effort to make it super easy for anyone to access ad data, even if they have never used Facebook or have a Business account.

1. Open Facebook Ad Library

  • Click this link or type into your browser’s address bar to access the Facebook Ad Library. The page will appear like a standard search engine once you load it. Before moving on, check that the correct country is selected in the upper-right corner of your screen.

2. Choose Your Category

You will need to select a category before looking up an advertisement. There are just two types: Issue, election, and political ads on Facebook are distinct from all other ads. Therefore, in order to locate a commercial advertisement, select “Search all” as depicted in the image below.

Facebook Ad Library search bar

3. Search Up A Brand

To find the promotion you’re searching for, type for the sake of the brand/organization that is running it. I, for instance, typed “Lululemon” into the search bar to locate a Lululemon advertisement. This will bring up all of the relevant text-filled pages.

Ad Library Search Results

4. Click On Specific Ads

You can view additional information by clicking “See Ad Details” under each advertisement once you have selected a page and displayed all of their ads. This includes the advertisement’s start date, platform (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and/or Audience Network), and number of versions in operation.

Search Results


You can use certain filters to narrow your search when you search for a brand name and see their ads. Country, Platform, and Impressions are the filters.

Ad Library filters

You can select which country you would like to see ads for by using the first filter, Country (shown by the word “All” in the image above). You will be able to select any one of the countries for which the page is currently running advertisements from this tab.

Note: An advertisement you’re looking for might be on a different page because a lot of big brands have separate pages for different parts of the world. For instance, Lululemon has a distinct Europe-specific page called “lululemon Europe.” As a result, the Belgium-specific “lululemon” page only displays advertisements for Canada and the United States.

You can select which Facebook product you want to see ads for in the second filter, Platform (shown by the word “Platform” in the image). For instance, if you want to narrow down the results for an advertisement that you saw on Instagram, select “Instagram” from this tab.

Lastly, impressions can be used as a filter for the ads. When an advertisement is viewed, an impression is made. This filter allows you to see which ads have received impressions over a specific time period.

Impressions by Date

Marketing can greatly benefit from all of this information. You can see which platforms and when your rivals are concentrating on running ads. After that, you can make use of this data to improve and modify your own advertisements.

How to analyze Facebook ad creatives?

  • After you have identified all of your rivals, the next step is to select which advertisements merit inspiration. Because using a creative who isn’t performing will probably produce the same result, this procedure is very important.
  • The best way to determine whether this advertisement has performed well in the past is to examine the start date. Typically, the ad at the bottom of the page has been running for the longest. The placements they are using to fully imitate their strategy can then be discovered. If you see “multiple versions,” that indicates a dynamic Facebook advertisement. At long last, you can investigate their UTM labels while tapping on the promotion’s CTA to get focusing on experiences.

Become a Facebook ads creative pro

  • You realize the significance of your creative strategy as you advance as a paid media specialist. Although the Facebook ads library is significant, it is more of a means than an end in itself. Although we always work from inspiration, the most effective advertisements frequently stem from pure imagination and amusement.
  • When you need ideas for an advertisement for a brand that you are advertising for, we recommend diving into the ads library. It is not necessary to remain in the same industry, and sometimes it may be beneficial to think creatively. Investigate the subtleties – tones, designs and informing.
  • You can also take screenshots of various advertisements and arrange them in a mood board for a strategy that is more long-term. This is great for visually communicating your thoughts, but it can also be useful for sharing best practices with coworkers.
  • The final method of leveling up is to aimlessly peruse the library of Facebook ads in search of commonalities between brands and industries. You might notice that one creative type is used more frequently or that the length of the ad copy is the same for all of the big brands. To profit from trends, you must ride them.

How do I access Facebook’s Ad Library?

  • You can access Ad Library on Facebook by scrolling to the “Page transparency” section of a specific Facebook page or by directly entering the URL into your browser.
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